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The Partnership’s Service Coordinator staff assist elderly and disabled residents of public housing in maintaining an independent lifestyle by connecting them with home and community-based services. Priority is given to those residents who are considered frail or at risk, but all cases are considered. It is strictly confidential and participation is voluntary.

Can a concerned relative refer an elderly or disabled person for assistance or must the individual request the services directly?
We accept referrals from any individual or organization, but participation in the program is entirely voluntary.

How is the assessment performed?
After contacting our office or the Service Coordinator, an in-home assessment will be scheduled with the resident. It is not necessary for the resident to come to the office.

How much does this service cost?
No fee is charged.

Is assistance immediate or is there a waiting period? 
Although all cases are considered important, priority is given to those clients who are considered "frail" or "at risk."

Will receiving assistance from the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults impact my current government benefits?
Participation in the programs offered by our agency won’t impact any government benefits you are receiving.

Who will know about my participation in your program? 
Your participation in our program is confidential.

How often do you reassess a client and his/her situation? 
Case plan reviews are completed quarterly by the Elder Services staff. A complete reassessment of need is completed annually.