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Partnership’s Homemaker Services assist elderly and disabled persons with the tasks of daily living to allow them to continue living independently in the comfort of their own home. Caseworkers meet with the prospective client and assess their needs. The caseworker then develops a care plan and then assigns a homemaker who provides the services needed. The services include but, are not limited to: housekeeping, grocery shopping, and non-medical personal assistance. Each client must meet Adult Protective Services guidelines for assistance. Clients receive one-on-one attention to provide quality care and assistance.

Who is eligible for Homemaker Services and how much does it cost?

Clients who meet income and other program guidelines are eligible for service at no charge through grants made available by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, local government and United Way.

What happens after a referral is made?

After a referral is made, a Partnership caseworker visits each prospective client to develop a plan for care. The caseworker talks with the client to determine his/her needs, assesses the home and tasks, and develops a plan for care.

How often does staff evaluate a client’s need for your service?

Cases are continuely evaluated throughout a Homemaker’s involvement. The client also participates in evaluating the plan of care with the caseworker.

How are homemakers selected?

Homemakers are carefully screened and trained by our staff. Each Homemaker undergoes a background and reference check. They receive one week of classroom training and two weeks of on the job training. They are required to attend one day of in-service training every quarter.

Are there limits to the services a homemaker provides?

Yes, homemakers do not provide assistance with seasonal housework, heavy lifting, home health care, or non-essential shopping. Homemakers are not available on weekends or holidays.