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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Partnership for Families, Children and Adults is committed to fostering a culture of belonging for all staff, interns, volunteers, clients and board members. Furthermore, the Partnership believes that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is essential to fulfilling our mission. Without it, we cannot “empower people and build communities."

Based on research, learning, and our own staff’s perspectives and input, Partnership defines Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as follows: 


Diversity means employing, serving, collaborating with, and learning from individuals and organizations that represent all people, including every ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, nationality, race, beliefs or religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic background or status. 


Equity is defined as an understanding that not all people have been treated equally and focuses on providing support to meet all individuals where they are. Unlike equality, which assumes that all people have had the same experiences and should receive the same treatment, equity embraces each individual's journey and their unique needs, values, and experiences and supports the individual’s definition of and right to success and happiness. 


Inclusion is the culmination of diversity and equity in practice. True inclusion means respecting and valuing each individual’s background, identity, and perspectives and creating space for them – in the workplace, with our services, on our board and in the community.

The Partnership recognizes that a successful, impactful DEI policy should be multi-faceted and take into account many perspectives, both inside and outside the agency. This policy includes four core components: (1) our staff, including employees, volunteers and interns, (2) leadership and strategic planning, (3) client services and (4) external relationships. 

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