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Caleb's Story

Caleb's parents never told him that he could achieve anything and he took their silence to heart. When he came to Partnership’s Youth Services, Caleb was two years behind in high school. Teachers reported him to be distracted and his school work suffered. Caleb was on the verge of giving up.

All that changed when Caleb met Partnership's Foster Mom, Sarah. Helping Caleb set healthy expectations, Sarah encouraged his growth, provided guidance and nurtured his desire to reach his goals.  Caleb’s attitude changed from indifference to determination.

Today, Caleb is proud of his full year of employment, earning enough money to buy a car all on his own. Caleb’s proudest achievement came this past summer when he walked  across the stage to receive his diploma at high school graduation. Through hard work and Partnership support, Caleb earned a 4.0 GPA and an acceptance letter to Chattanooga State, where he is now majoring in Business Administration.


Caleb hugs his Partnership foster mom, Sarah. 

“If I lived with my mom, I wouldn't have graduated from high school because it didn't matter to me," said Caleb.

With your help, Partnership invests in the lives of our youth right here in our community. Partnership kids in foster care are fighters. A boost of love and encouragement from our foster families lets them know that they, too, can be somebody