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Consumer Credit Counseling

The Partnership’s Consumer Credit Counseling Service helps individuals learn money management skills and budgeting plans to help regain control of personal finances. CCCS is the only face-to-face nonprofit credit counseling center in the Tennessee Valley; certified counselors take an in-depth look at personal financial situations, assisting clients with the formulation of customized solutions to meet individual needs. The counselors at consumer credit benefit individuals, creditors and employers to:


  • Learn budget planning
  • Acquire money management skills
  • Receive confidential credit counseling
  • Benefit from voluntary debt management plans when appropriate


  • Receive regular payments from customers
  • Reduce losses from uncollected consumer debt
  • Eliminate collection cost


  • Reduction in garnishments
  • Educational programs for employees
  • Benefit from a legitimate referral source
  • Experience improved employee performance

Budget counseling services are free; however guidelines for debt management fees are set by state law. A debt repayment plan will enable a client to be completely debt free within 60 months. A CCCS representative can speak to creditors on a client’s behalf. These services are completely confidential.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and is accredited by various accrediting agencies. Outside organizations monitor services to ensure that rigorous standards of practice are maintained. These ethical and legal requirements protect our clients in order to provide the best possible service. For more information call 423-490-5620 or 1-800-459-CCCS or visit us online at