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Volunteer for Camp HOPE America - Chattanooga

Would you like to make a difference in the life of a child?  We are looking for volunteers who are interested in working with children and teenagers who have experienced trauma.  This is an amazing opportunity to gain training in Trauma Informed Care and put it into practice as you spend time with our youth.  You will build relationships with our children and teenagers as well as help them learn about hope and resilience.  

Volunteers will serve as a camp counselor throughout monthly programs and summer camp.  These activities will be outdoors as much as possible and they will typically be 2-3 hours in length.  We will offer at least one weekend of camping during the spring for those able to attend.  Expected volunteer time would be no more than 5 hours a month with the exception of a camping event.  

Currently we need 3 volunteers aged 18-20 and 3 volunteers aged 21-24.  This is to allow the younger group of children to have younger volunteers and the older teenagers will have older volunteers.  

We have scheduled the following events, more will be coming soon:  

  • 12/5 Bonfire and Outdoor Fun at Reflection Riding - Postponed due to Covid numbers, new date will be announced.
  • 1/23 Hiking Adventure with Outdoor Chattanooga
  • 1/28 Winter Celebration of Hope - Party
Monthly activities will include: indoor archery, kayaking/canoeing, camping, aquarium visit, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more!  This will lead us to a weeklong summer camp adventure!

Camp Hope Volunteer Application

For additional information about Camp Hope contact: Michelle Howard-Hamidi at [email protected] or 423.805.6126

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