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Center for Family Connections (CFC) vision is to provide a respectful environment and access to resources that fosters healthy and safe parenting opportunities.

Children in Divorced / Separation Workshop (CIDS)

Four-hour mandatory co-parenting workshop for divorcing or separating parents.  All workshop dates are listed in our calendar

CIDS is designed to help parents help their children while living separately, who are currently in the process of divorce/separation, are considering it, are already divorced or  never married.  This training will help assist your children in minimizing or eliminating trauma and adjusting to changes that occur during and after divorce or separation.

More Information and CIDS Calendar 

Safe Exchange

When parents have conflict in their relationship, there should be safety measures in place to protect their children. The CFC staff help protect children from being in the middle of conflict between parents by facilitating their safe transition from one parent to the other parent during designated visitation times. The child is safely transitioned between the parents without the parents coming in contact with one another at times determined by court orders, parenting plans or self-referrals.

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Supervised Visitation

When there is conflict in a family, including divorce or separation, issues of substance abuse, or other domestic violence, time for parents or other relatives with their child(ren) can become problematic. CFC provides a warm and safe environment for children to visit non-custodial parents or other relatives. Visits are scheduled for one hour, up to two appointments in a week. A trained visitation monitor is present during each visit. Supervised visitation may be court ordered or self-referred.

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